Month: July 2018

Rotterdam Carnival

Friday I decided to “Ray Charles” the J’ouvert, conveniently called Stained because I don’t a stained outfit when I’m working with only hand luggage worth of clothes. So my Rotterdam carnival experience started on the Friday with the annual boat party ‘EXTASea’ at Parkhaven.… Continue Reading “Rotterdam Carnival”

I Shook You Off

“I got to shake you off, because you’re loving aint the same and you keep on playing game like you know I’m here to stay” So I frequently get sent a variation of the “I think our friendship is off ” text. Sometimes I’m… Continue Reading “I Shook You Off”

Wireless Festival

I am far from a lady of leisure but slumming it camping at a traditional festival is just not something I can do. I  enjoy my creature comforts i.e. access to toilet, a mattress, quilts, running water. So when I reached an age where… Continue Reading “Wireless Festival”

Solve Birthday Blues

I recently turned 23, which when all considered is an irrelevant year with that within the context of life is insignificant. Far from being a milestone and barring anything personally momentous occurring, over time it becomes muddled into the twenty somethings. I struggle with… Continue Reading “Solve Birthday Blues”

Why you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead

So despite mental health awareness and acceptance increasing, the misconceptions and stigma behind mental health is still very much intact. I don’t divulge my mental health issues freely and I’m semi functioning so most people I encounter aren’t aware of my situation. I’m not… Continue Reading “Why you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead”

Why Do I Feel So Alone…?

I live in a frequent state of disassociation and escapism, so naturally a perpetual state of loneliness is expected. The lamentable and destitute state of the NHS and their subsequent failures in treating my ongoing mental illness, has entrapped me in a perennial state… Continue Reading “Why Do I Feel So Alone…?”

Berlin Carnival

As a self-confessed Bacchanalist, attendance to international carnivals is paramount to fulfilling my best life. Don’t get me wrong I love Notting Hill Carnival, but sometimes fling up your batty on foreign “buddy”.  I have a chronic urge to soak it to Soca in… Continue Reading “Berlin Carnival”