Fuck Yo Fantasy

facetune_10-11-2018-23-57-47 This article is in response to the comments made by Ed Razek, the Chief of Marketing at Victoria Secret. My own personal relationship with Victoria Secret is non existent because firstly their designs and quality is nothing noteworthy or stimulating.  I can get similar for cheaper at Primark and this is probably the reason why their sales and overall brand equity has declined. Secondly its a company directed by men for a product used when females feel their most vulnerable and exposed  by people who care little and about how their operations degrades female’s self worth. I’m not naïve enough to think everyone participates in political consumption and boycotting, but I’m at the stage in my life, where I can only buy products that complete my soul, support my existence or desire to thrive.

I an not Victoria Secret’s fantasy woman because I have a “FUPA”, I have scars and stretch marks, plus  my body is riddled imperfections such as cellulite and discolouration. I know I will never be any type of model and I’m okay with not being Victoria Secret’s fantasy because I’m someone else’ fantasy. Trying to make someone live up to a fantasy when they live in reality is moronic. Victoria Secret has openly admitted to trying to make their company an aspirational brand (i.e. something for everyday females to aspire to, but not attain).  I aspire to be healthy and happy not underweight and hating my body, as Burna Boy/ my mother said “I can’t come kill myself”.  I’m not going to make myself feel bad because I don’t have my ribs or hip bones poking out, my legs jiggle and my tummy isn’t a washboard.

facetune_10-11-2018-23-44-46My issue with the brand is not with their desire to use skinny modes, its their desire to use only the skinniest of models and their reasoning behind it. This article isn’t an attempt to skinny shame because its universally known that Victoria Secret pick unhealthily thin models, who by their own admission frequently go on extreme exercise and diets regimes to conform to their fantasy.  Victoria’s Secret reinforce the misconceptions that unrealistic body proportions and near perfection, is the only way to be perceived as beautiful or desirable. This could be marginally morally justifiable if they didn’t exploit the finances and self esteem of consumers who’s don’t fit their fantasy. They believe people should only be one size yet make clothes for people who don’t fit their fantasy purely for capital reasons. Victoria’s Secret cruelly capitalises on females need to feel beautiful due to societal pressures. This is a classic marketing ploy and one of people’s main gripes with capitalism. I’m a marketing graduate so I know that companies stimulate a need or feeling of incompletion, in order to coerce and persuade consumers to purchase a product.

This post is somewhat premature because I’m planning to publish a post exploring similar themes (i.e. how society and to a certain extent, consumption culture has resorted in chronic and pungent sense on inadequacy and inferiority). Marketing is the identification, anticipation and satisfying of customer need profitably. I have no issue with this as a principle, I just find it deplorable when marketers fuels self doubt and insecurity to create a need to fulfil the process. This is what Victoria’s Secret are doing and I hope hell for them is just how South Park describes it.


I’m not anymore bothered by Victoria Secret’s latest fashion show or the comments made by their Marketing and PR department, than I was last year. Victoria Secret is run by white men who want females to conform to their perception of beauty to satisfy their ego and bank accounts. I’m not going to lie and pretended the artistry overall aesthetics  of the fashion show, isn’t amazing but their unique selling point is the architectural wings and the wire bras. Neither one is available for purchase (…so?), also quite frankly Carnival costume designers are catching up and once the Soca community figures out a way to make the wings bigger but still manageable on the road, the entire fashion show and brand is obsolete to me. I’m not going to frequent or patron a company that treats me with disdain. So Victoria Secret I’m not your fantasy, but I’m someone’s fantasy



I’m wearing the ”ASOS Gia High Apex Lace Body” in black. Unfortunately this body is old/ last season and you’ll struggle to find it on the ASOS website, but I believe that there are some second hand retailers on eBay selling some pieces. I absolutely adore this body and I’m not just saying this because I love ASOS and the fact that they have made me feel sexy at any size – because sometimes they have misses – this is genuinely an amazing body. I’ve had it for a while and purchased it when I was several sizes bigger, thankfully I can still make it work. The cuts outs are incredibly flattering and cinches me in at the waist, the high leg isn’t so high that a lip hangs out and it has adjustable overlapping straps at the back.  The straps are wider than most lingerie bodies, which makes it comfortable and suitable for bigger cupped ladies like myself. The hold ups are from my beloved ‘Ann Summers – “Black Lace Top Hold Ups’.

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