Category: Spoken Word

Fleeting Forever

Struggling to find other reasonsTo alleviate the pain that you just love for me a seasonTrying to understand why after my initial appealYou fail to feel anything realYou’re contempt for me, you can no longer conceal Will you still love me tomorrow?Will you stop… Continue Reading “Fleeting Forever”

Case File No. 10

His just another guy who told me goodbyeWith no malicious intentions to make me cryJust another guy to add to the list of niggas who made me cryAnd bawl to the stage where I was ready to it end it allEchoes of the familiar… Continue Reading “Case File No. 10”


When I first met him I looked in the mirror and didn’t understand what he could see In me, that would make him want this tragedy Now I look in the mirror and I see exactly what he sees in me A catastrophe, I… Continue Reading “Resignation”