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I Don’t Know If I Should Keep It Real & Tell You How I Feel

​Platonic as described its namesake is the truest form of love. I regard platonic love as the meeting of the minds. When I gain a new close friend I physically love that individual; I love our convos, memories and and inside jokes. I’ve previously stated… Continue Reading “I Don’t Know If I Should Keep It Real & Tell You How I Feel”

The Nigger You With Ain’t Shit

​I can admit that in all honesty, I’ve never sincerely been in love. Although I’ve belligerently choked on tears over a boyfriend, I feel like I have never truthfully experienced true love. From what I’ve witnessed love results in irrational behaviour detrimental to the person’s wellbeing. I’ve… Continue Reading “The Nigger You With Ain’t Shit”

I Shook You Off

“I got to shake you off, because you’re loving aint the same and you keep on playing game like you know I’m here to stay” So I frequently get sent a variation of the “I think our friendship is off ” text. Sometimes I’m… Continue Reading “I Shook You Off”

Why Do I Feel So Alone…?

I live in a frequent state of disassociation and escapism, so naturally a perpetual state of loneliness is expected. The lamentable and destitute state of the NHS and their subsequent failures in treating my ongoing mental illness, has entrapped me in a perennial state… Continue Reading “Why Do I Feel So Alone…?”