Camouflage & Khaki

Outfit 1: Survivor Vibes

This outfit gave me major ‘Destiny Child’ Survivor vibes impractical for battle but . You can never go wrong with pum pum short ands a crop top. The shorts were not overly flattering because they highlighted my FUPA and the cut wasn’t great on the booty. This jumper is a persona favourite and a staple in my wardrobe.

Jumper: Khaki Off The Shoulder Crop Jumper
Shorts: Extreme Distressed Ripped Camouflage Shorts – Pretty Little Thing
Socks: Thermal Over The Knee Socks – Primark

Outfit 2

I love sets and matching pieces – I think they’re good value for money as you can wear the pieces together as well as individually. I’m just happy that the prints are perfect match as although I found the duster and body both on Boohoo. They were found separately and Boohoo sll a lot of Khaki prints.

Duster: Khaki Camouflage Mesh Duster- Boohoo Plus
Body: Khkai Camouflage Body – Boohoo Plus
Skirt: Khaki PU Mini Skirt – Pretty Little Thing

Outfit 3: Camouflage Cuteness

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I live for school girl vibes and you cannot get anymore school than a pinafore. It’s from Boohoo so quality isn’t amazing -the zip at the side kept coming down

Pinafore: Boohoo Camouflage Denim Pinafore
: Long Sleeve Black Scoop Body
Tight: Black 40 Denier Tights – Boots

Outfit 4:Casual in Camouflage

So this outfit is not my favourite. It’s literally just a throw on outfit and it could have done without the tight but it was cold that day.

Skirt: Denim Camouflage A Line Skirt – Primark
Top: Cropped Cuffed Sweatshirt – Boohoo

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