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Birthday Princess

So I know I posted a think piece about my birthday, but I forgot to actually speak about my birthday. I’m not going to let my negative mind space cloud my perspective of my birthday. Especially when taking into consideration that nothing momentously bad… Continue Reading “Birthday Princess”

Besties at Ballie Ballerson

So I decided to treat my darling best friend to Ballie Ballerson for her 24th birthday. For those not in the know, Ballie Ballerson is London’s premier adult ball pit + bar and is located in hipster central aka Shoreditch,. It has 3 rooms… Continue Reading “Besties at Ballie Ballerson”

My Birthday’s Back Again

It’s the anniversary of both my blog and my birth day. The first article I ever wrote (maybe not published) was ‘Birthday Blues’ and it was written out of necessity. Birthday blues aka the recurring feeling of sadness and despair that occurs as my… Continue Reading “My Birthday’s Back Again”

Solve Birthday Blues

I recently turned 23, which when all considered is an irrelevant year with that within the context of life is insignificant. Far from being a milestone and barring anything personally momentous occurring, over time it becomes muddled into the twenty somethings. I struggle with… Continue Reading “Solve Birthday Blues”