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Private Party

My advice to singleton this Valentines Day – don’t wallow, have a private party and make the day yours

Grey – The Play

Grey is described as a “colourful, candid show exploring depression and black women’s mental health”. The brainchild of the incredibly talented Koko Brown, this masterpiece of a play is a coalesce of BSL (British Sign Language), spoken word and vocal looping. Koko’s plays a… Continue Reading “Grey – The Play”

My Birthday’s Back Again

It’s the anniversary of both my blog and my birth day. The first article I ever wrote (maybe not published) was ‘Birthday Blues’ and it was written out of necessity. Birthday blues aka the recurring feeling of sadness and despair that occurs as my… Continue Reading “My Birthday’s Back Again”

Fuck Yo Fantasy

This article is in response to the comments made by Ed Razek, the Chief of Marketing at Victoria Secret. My own personal relationship with Victoria Secret is non existent because firstly their designs and quality is nothing noteworthy or stimulating.  I can get similar… Continue Reading “Fuck Yo Fantasy”

Lingerie…Issa Vibe

This is my introductory lingerie post and it has been the longest time coming. This section of my blog has stayed empty for the longest time because although I have a heavily invested-in lingerie addiction, my soul esteem isn’t always present in a quantity that… Continue Reading “Lingerie…Issa Vibe”

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria – My Love Languages

How do you solve a problem like Maria? You give her the most amazing best friend, regular DBT meetings, compliant medication and regular orgasms; I have 2 out of 4 so the working out is there but there’s no answer. So how else do you… Continue Reading “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria – My Love Languages”

I Shook You Off

“I got to shake you off, because you’re loving aint the same and you keep on playing game like you know I’m here to stay” So I frequently get sent a variation of the “I think our friendship is off ” text. Sometimes I’m… Continue Reading “I Shook You Off”

Solve Birthday Blues

I recently turned 23, which when all considered is an irrelevant year with that within the context of life is insignificant. Far from being a milestone and barring anything personally momentous occurring, over time it becomes muddled into the twenty somethings. I struggle with… Continue Reading “Solve Birthday Blues”